The very first Barbie doll was presented to the world on March 9, 1959. The toy, whose full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, has inspired the upcoming Barbie (2023) film, starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken — and, given all the buzz the movie has generated and the recent Barbiecore craze, it's sure to inspire tons of Halloween costumes too. Stay ahead of the trend this Halloween season by dressing up as the ever popular doll.

Both the line of toys and the 2023 movie feature different versions of Barbie, making it a versatile Halloween costume idea. One of the best things about dressing like Barbie — besides the fact it warrants a whole personality change for a night — is that you don’t need an official outfit to make it work. The only real requirement is that it includes a whole lot of pink, but even that's up to interpretation and can be substituted in for other bright hues. While you can also save yourself time and shop full Barbie costume sets, you can also put together DIY costumes of some of your favorite Barbies. You can go as a general Barbie or channel a specific one, like Fitness Barbie, Career Barbie, ’80s Barbie, Malibu Barbie, and more. There’s no reason you can’t invent your own Barbie persona, too.

To get you started on your search for a look straight out of Barbie’s world, we gathered everything you'll need for the best Barbie costumes. We included a sash for President Barbie, a blue wig for the Mermaid Barbie, a sparkly jumpsuit to dance the night away in, and more. Now come on, Barbie, let’s go party!

Barbie Movie Costume

It’s no surprise that with the highly-anticipated movie, comes tons of new Barbie ’fits to obsess over. From President Barbie to Western Barbie to Rollerblading Barbie, there’s no shortage of Barbie costume ideas to help you transform into the iconic doll this Halloween.

Barbie Movie Costume
80's Bodysuit
malibuskatewear 80's Bodysuit
$25 at Etsy
Pink Cowgirl Set
Sugarpussclothing Pink Cowgirl Set
President Sash
$16.00+ President Sash
Sequin Jumpsuit
Cosygal Sequin Jumpsuit

Mermaid Barbie Costume

With mermaidcore making a splash, combine it with Barbiecore for one of the trendiest costumes this Halloween. While there are different iterations of Mermaid Barbie to consider, we pulled inspiration from Dua Lipa’s version from the upcoming Barbie movie which has a dreamy blue look.

Mermaid Barbie
On Sale
Blue Wig
Akstore Blue Wig
Now 11% Off
Seashell Bikini Top
ENJYOP Seashell Bikini Top
Metallic Blue Skirt
Urban CoCo Metallic Blue Skirt
Seashell Purse
Goclothod Seashell Purse
Pearl Hoop Earrings
MOROTOLE Pearl Hoop Earrings
Turquoise Storm Eyeliner Pencil
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Turquoise Storm Eyeliner Pencil

Barbie Costume Accessories

Dressing in a pink outfit is a solid base when dressing like Barbie, but the accessories can really make or break the costume. From the wig to the sunglasses to the Barbie pink nail polish, these pieces will pull your look together so that you’re guaranteed to win best Halloween costume contest.

Adult Size Barbie and Ken Box
Rasta Imposta Adult Size Barbie and Ken Box
24-Inch Straight Blonde Wig
JIASLY 24-Inch Straight Blonde Wig
On Sale
Rectangle Retro Pink Sunglasses
Dollger Rectangle Retro Pink Sunglasses
Now 30% Off
Acrylic Transparent Pink Bag
WeddingHelper Acrylic Transparent Pink Bag
On Sale
Heart Breaker Matte Lipstick
Revlon Heart Breaker Matte Lipstick
Now 40% Off
Hot Pink Scrunchies
Motique Accessories Hot Pink Scrunchies
Light Pink Rhinestone Headband
Wecoe Light Pink Rhinestone Headband
Pink Sun Visor
Eloqueen Pink Sun Visor

Malibu Barbie Costume

She’s ready for the beach, and you can be, too (even in October)! Whether your vibe is more tanning in the sun or hitting the waves with a surfboard, you can channel your inner summer-loving bathing beauty. If you don’t already have a pink swimsuit, that will be your first order of business to create this costume.

One-Shoulder Cutout Pink Bathing Suit
SweatyRocks One-Shoulder Cutout Pink Bathing Suit
On Sale
Short Sleeve Beach Cover Up
Ekouaer Short Sleeve Beach Cover Up
Now 17% Off
On Sale
Pink Mesh Beach Bag
BALEINE Pink Mesh Beach Bag
Now 29% Off
Ruffle V-Neck Pink Bathing Suit
SPORLIKE Ruffle V-Neck Pink Bathing Suit

Fitness Barbie Costume

While you might head to the gym in leggings and a T-shirt, Barbie’s workout look is a bit more extra and ’80s aerobics-inspired. Think of shiny leggings and two-piece sets in none other than her iconic pink hue. Bonus points if you accessorize with a sweatband and weights!

Metallic Unitard
On Sale
Pink Tracksuit One-Piece
EOSIEDUR Pink Tracksuit One-Piece
Now 13% Off
On Sale
Two-Piece Pink Workout Set
TWFRHC Two-Piece Pink Workout Set
Now 15% Off
On Sale
Pink Shiny Leggings
Hupplle Pink Shiny Leggings
Now 27% Off

Career Barbie Costume

Barbie has had many career pivots, so whether you choose Barbie in her doctor, chef, vet, or businesswoman era, putting together an office-ready costume is sure pay tribute to the doll of many talents. Who says you can’t be taken seriously in an all-pink getup?

Pink Blazer and Pant Set
SweatyRocks Pink Blazer and Pant Set
Pink Medical Scrubs Set
Dagacci Pink Medical Scrubs Set
Satin Jumpsuit
Pink Chef’s Jacket Pink Chef’s Jacket

’80s Barbie Costume

The ’80s are calling, and we’re answering! It’s all about bold and neon colors, including with your makeup. There can be an overlap with Fitness Barbie because we all know she had some fun looks for exercising. And, as it goes for all Barbie Halloween costumes, don’t forget to load up on the accessories to complete your costume.

On Sale
Retro “Let’s Get Physical” One-Piece
MIAIULIA Retro “Let’s Get Physical” One-Piece
Now 22% Off
On Sale
Pink Leg Warmers Set
Zilo Novelties Pink Leg Warmers Set
Now 26% Off
’80s Workout Outfit
SATINIOR ’80s Workout Outfit
Pink Retro Accessories Set
Blulu Pink Retro Accessories Set
Now 21% Off

Rockstar Barbie Costume

What would Barbie wear if she were trying to dress up like Stevie Nicks? We don’t want to speak for her, but we’d imagine it would involve a pink faux-leather jacket — for obvious reasons. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and animal prints to really take it over the top.

Pink Faux-Leather Jacket
chouyatou Pink Faux-Leather Jacket
Inflatable Pink Guitar
STAMER Inflatable Pink Guitar
Patterned Flared-Leg Pants
Floerns Patterned Flared-Leg Pants
On Sale
Pink Layered Tulle Tutu
Simplicity Pink Layered Tulle Tutu
Now 43% Off

Vintage Barbie Costume

Break out the swing dresses and make sure to incorporate polka-dots — because Vintage Barbie is all about choosing a previous era and going all out with it. When choosing these pieces, we were inspired by the ’50s housewife, complete with collars and classic silhouettes.

Light Blue Polka-Dot Swing Dress
GownTown Light Blue Polka-Dot Swing Dress
Double-Breasted Peacoat
Allegra K Double-Breasted Peacoat
On Sale
’50s Accessories
eforpretty ’50s Accessories
Now 20% Off
On Sale
Hot Polka-Dot Swing Dress
KILLREAL Hot Polka-Dot Swing Dress
Now 59% Off

Party Barbie Costume

You’ll surely be a Barbie girl in the Barbie world when you dress up as Party Barbie. You might already have pieces in your closet to use for this costume, but if you don’t, here’s some inspiration. If Barbie were going out with her friends, she would probably wear a pink dress or something sparkly … or both.

Strapless Pink Tulle Dress
Tianzhihe Strapless Pink Tulle Dress
Neon Pink Faux Leather Mini Skirt
Cemi Ceri Neon Pink Faux Leather Mini Skirt
Pink Metallic Shirt
JUMISEE Pink Metallic Shirt
Off the Shoulder Mini Dress
WDIRARA Off the Shoulder Mini Dress
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