About Us

How We Got Started

Youngstown CityScape is a non-profit community development organization with the vision of revitalizing of the greater downtown Youngstown area.

Our mission is to strengthen Youngstown’s revitalized urban core that connects downtown, the YSU campus and adjacent neighborhoods and gateways through strategic partnerships.

These partnerships seek to improve infrastructure, amenities and social well-being in an effort to provide an attractive working and living environment. Such an environment is our ultimate vision.

Our Focus

  1. Development & Beautification: Corridor improvements; park and green space development; landscaping; litter control; and overall maintenance of beautification projects in greater downtown area.
  2. Education & Community Outreach: Raising awareness about the greater downtown area – from its history to all that is has to offer today.
  3. Historic Preservation: Promoting awareness of historic Youngstown structures as community assets and encouraging their preservation.

We believe that what people see as they enter the center city area is a reflection of the city’s attitude and status.

Our Roots

The roots of Youngstown CityScape reach back to 1998, when a Visual Improvement Committee was formed as a subcommittee of the former Downtown Revitalization Committee.

The first project undertaken by this committee was Streetscape, an initiative which sought to improve the aesthetics of the downtown through landscaping efforts such as cleaning, trimming, and flower and shrub planting.

As downtown continues its comeback, the role of Cityscape continues to evolve as well.

In 2004, thirty community leaders convened to discuss the need to expand the impact of Streetscape in the community.

The result was CityScape, which was established in 2005 as a board-led non-profit organization.

Since that time, CityScape has completed numerous community beautification events, undertaken park improvement projects and built partnerships to rescue and preserve historic structures.

As downtown continues its comeback, the role of Cityscape continues to evolve as well.

In 2014, CityScape merged Wick Neighbors Inc. into the organization’s operations. The merger added the leadership from many of the institutions along Wick Avenue and preserved two key projects where significant federal, state, and local investment has already been made – the Wick Avenue Improvement Project and the redevelopment of the Smoky Hollow neighborhood.

As downtown continues to progress, CityScape will continue to strive to be the convener of people, projects, and events for center city.

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