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We are a team of editors dedicated to helping you digest the enormous e-commerce landscape. We’re regular people, just like you, but it's our job to test products in our daily lives so you don’t have to hope your online purchases perform as intended upon delivery. We spend our days (and nights) scrutinizing, swiping, sipping, and sleeping on new releases and best sellers so your hard-earned money is spent on items we've put through the wringer. From the buzzy to the mundane, we’ll tell you what’s worth their money and what you're better off removing from your cart.


Real reviews for regular people.

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We don’t use an algorithm or software to choose the products — they’re all hand-picked, researched, and tested by us. Our team of expert editors spends more than 400 hours per week researching products by:

  • conducting hands-on testing
  • interviewing industry professionals, such as dermatologists and physical therapists
  • studying market research
  • digging through the depths of Instagram, Kickstarter, and press releases to be the first to uncover a groundbreaking new product
  • reviewing consumer feedback and scouring customer reviews


We know way too much about way too much.

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We cover products across 10 different verticals — tech, beauty, fitness, parenting, home, food, appliances, lifestyle… you name it, we cover it! We research, we test, and we recommend the items we'd buy ourselves (and we often do). If you can't find it on BestProducts.com, then we haven’t done our job.

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If you can’t find it here, don’t buy it.

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We outline all the best options within a category

  • We offer product comparisons so our readers can make well-informed purchase decisions that meet their target needs and budget.
  • We know not every purchase needs to be a splurge, so we include a budget option for every round-up we produce.

We test new products and write in-depth reviews

  • Our editors spend days — sometimes weeks — calling in products and performing hands-on tests.
  • We often shoot products in-house to give consumers a unique glimpse — and even offer a first, exclusive look — at newly released gadgets.


I Tried It
I Tried It

We put hundreds of products through the ringer in the real world (not in labs!) during our everyday lives. In our I Tried It series, we’re highlighting the products that absolutely blew us away and either live up to or surpass their claims.

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Little Lifesavers
Little Lifesavers

More often than not, some of our favorite buys are small, how-didn’t-I-know-about-this products that solve an everyday problem. In this series you’ll find the cheap, simple purchases that will become part of your daily routine.

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Hype Meter
Hype Meter

We’ve all seen products that tend to show up everywhere — subway ads, plastered all over Instagram, endorsed by this or that celebrity. We’ve taken on the challenge to test these products to decide: Do they live up to the hype?

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10/10 Would Recommend
1010 would recommend

Some products that we've tried have stood the test of time and remain our faves to this day. In our series 10/10 Would Recommend, we're giving the final word on well-known products that we fully stand behind.

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No Bad Drinks
No Bad Drinks

Since our thirsty food & drink editor’s cup runneth over, here’s a space for her to spill the tea on all of the greatest, tastiest, and trendiest sips. From the latest hard seltzer to a CBD-infused iced tea, see what you should be drinking today.

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We've got the purchasing power

  • BestProducts.com: 31% aged 18-34, 40% aged 35-54, 28% aged 55+
  • BestProducts.com: 68% female and 32% male
  • About half of our readers have children in the household (49%)

Younger than our competitors

  • BestProducts.com median age is 43, 4.7 years younger than Meredith National Digital (47.7) and 1 year younger than Conde Nast Digital (44)

An affluent audience

  • 56% of BestProducts.com readers are affluent (adults, HHI $75K+)
  • BestProducts.com's Median HHI is $84.3K
All demographics metrics pulled from ComScore, November 2020


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Engaged and responsive

  • 6M+ followers across all social platforms
  • Third-highest Facebook Engagement Ratio in the Hearst Network
All social media metrics pulled from ListenFirst, November 2020


BestProducts.com is the perfect product review website for driving awareness and sales of your product to our shopaholic users. Our trusted voice drives purchase intent for consumers, and our content is designed to demonstrate the product benefits and provide a frictionless path to clicking "add to cart." We offer turnkey opportunities for brands that will integrate your product into custom co-branded content, including the editorial franchises highlighted above: I Tried It, Little Lifesavers, No Bad Drinks, and Best Obsessed.

Hearst Digital Media is home to a powerful portfolio of brands, from iconic industry-leading fashion and lifestyle properties to some of the fastest-growing voices in food and commerce.

Our success comes from a strong focus on the reader, a commitment to innovation within the evolving media landscape, and our collective ability to create invaluable connections between our audiences and advertising partners. Our next-generation content-marketing solutions tap the vast potential of data and help shape messaging to maximize ROI and drive commercial activity, making our content work even harder.

To see some of our most exceptional recent campaigns, visit HearstMade.

For more information about advertising with BestProducts.com or any of the Hearst Digital Media properties, please contact:

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Hearst Media Solutions
(212) 649-3804


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