More often than not, some of our favorite buys are small, how-didn’t-I-know-about-this products that solve an everyday problem. That’s what we’re highlighting in our Little Lifesavers series: cheap, simple purchases that you’ll use on the daily. Hit “Add to Cart” and thank us later!

The Problem: If you get a lot of packages you already know how tricky some types of packaging can be to open.

The Solution: Zibra Open-It!, a nifty multitool every home should have at the ready to open pesky packages.

One of the greatest ironies of the modern age is when you order a pair of scissors from Amazon, they arrive at your doorstep, and you open the box only to discover that you need a pair of scissors to get them out of the packaging.

Zibra Open-It! All-in-one Tool

Open-It! All-in-one Tool

Zibra Open-It! All-in-one Tool

$22 at Amazon
  • Works wonders at opening thick plastic
  • Has safety features in place to prevent accidental cuts
  • Blades are replaceable
  • The screwdriver is a little tricky to use given its small size

The “Zibra Open-It!” is one of the better gifts I've received and I wish I had it when I purchased a new pair of scissors. It has a unique and ingenious design that allows you to open practically any package in mere seconds. Not only that, the multitool is equipped with a sharp retractable blade, a pair of scissors, and a pull-out flathead screwdriver.

little lifesavers zibra open it all in one multi tool
Brandon Carte

I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and its angled blades have no problems slicing through thick plastic or snipping twist ties and wires you’ll commonly find on some packaging. I’ve used it for cutting flower stems and slicing through the plastic wrapping that they come in. The screwdriver has come in handy for opening battery compartments, too.

The only downside I’ve experienced is that to access the retractable blade for slicing through taped cardboard boxes you have to press and hold down a button. It can be a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient since there’s no way to lock the blade in a place like a traditional utility knife. I was happy to see that the blade can be replaced once it gets dull over time, though.

Lastly, I was surprised to discover that this is the second iteration of the Open-It that Zibra has released. A number of Amazon reviewers remarked that the tool has lasted for close to a decade, which is a testament to the build quality and durability of the tool.

little lifesavers zibra open it all in one multi tool
Brandon Carte

A reviewer at The Gadgeteer who has owned both models said that the new design has a screwdriver that isn’t as easy to use, but said overall “it’s a very useful tool if you receive a lot of packages.”

Overall, I can’t recommend the Zibra Open-It enough. It saves my nails and fingers from getting cut up when I try to pry into a package with my hands, and it keeps my kitchen knives and scissors in better condition since I’m not always reaching for them any time I need to open something.


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