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The Problem: I use herbs often when cooking, and am a huge cilantro fan— but keeping them fresh has proved difficult. I frequently end up throwing the herbs away before I finish them.

The Solution: The Prepara Herb Saver keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks saving me the time and frustration of having to go to the store since my herbs don't go bad as frequently.

If you're like me and like to keep fresh herbs on hand, you're probably all too familiar with the hassle of trying to keep them fresh. Cilantro is especially tricky, as it wilts very quickly and can become slimy if not stored properly.

herb saver on cutting board with lime
Brandon Carte

I’ve learned firsthand how incredibly frustrating and gross it is to open a crisper drawer and discover black-spotted and wilted cilantro on taco Tuesday when you need it most.

Even though I wasn’t looking for the solution to this all too familiar problem at the time, on a random HomeGoods outing I stumbled upon the Herb Saver while browsing the clearance aisle. I quickly fired up the Amazon app to search for it, discovered it had over 1,300 five-star reviews, and immediately snagged it.

Prepara Herb Saver Pod 2.0

Herb Saver Pod 2.0

Prepara Herb Saver Pod 2.0

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  • Compact design that’s small enough to store in the door of your fridge
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 100% BPA-free design
  • I wish the canister had a slightly larger circumference to hold more herbs

The Herb Saver is a mostly plastic container that looks a bit like a Cryostasis Chamber from Marvel movies. The pod has a hinged door so you can easily place a bundle of herbs upright within it. After that, you just flip open a dime-sized rubber lid that’s located near the base to add a little fresh water which you replace every four days.

Even though I didn’t expect much out of the Herb Saver, I quickly learned how useful the canister is. I went from throwing away my cilantro in about 5 days to keeping it fresh for more than 2 weeks.

I’ve used it to store fresh basil, which held for over 3 weeks and my parsley and rosemary lasted twice as long as they usually did. My nearest grocery store frequently is sold out of herbs, so having the extended “shelf” life has been very convenient.

herb saver open lid
Brandon Carte
adding water to herb saver
Brandon Carte

If I haven’t sold you yet, maybe Oprah Winfrey can convince you. The Herb Saver was featured on her acclaimed “Favorite Things” list.

“I was asking everybody, ‘How do you keep herbs fresh?’ including Martha Stewart herself,” Winfrey said. “But then I discovered this.” The Prepara Herb Saver keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks, depending on the herb, by submerging the stems in water. “It’s a basil saver!”

I’ve been using mine regularly for about 2 months now and it looks the same and works just as well as the day I got it. The only maintenance I’ve had to do is change out the water and occasionally put it in the top rack of my dishwasher to clean it.

Really my only complaint with the product is that I wish it were a little larger. Sometimes I can’t fit my entire bundle of herbs in the pod and will either throw some away or wrap a rubber band around the pod to close the container. But despite this minor fault, I’m still happy I picked one up and can’t recommend it enough for anybody who likes having herbs on hand.

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