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The Product on Trial

LG QuadWash Pro 24-inch Smart Dishwasher

The Tester

Brandon Carte, an appliance expert who is very particular about how to load a dishwasher.

The Brief

Despite the fact that dishwashers are more convenient and energy efficient than washing dishes by hand, they still have a number of pain points. One of the most common complaints is that dishwashers are too slow, which is why LG designed the QuadWash Pro, their newest mid-range offering which features an improved drying system and washes and dries your dishes in an hour without sacrificing performance.

With new technology and a focus on efficiency, the LG QuadWash Pro 24-inch Smart Dishwasher aims to help those looking to spend more time doing the things they love and less time worrying about the dishes.

LG QuadWash Pro 24-inch Smart Dishwasher

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QuadWash Pro 24-inch Smart Dishwasher

LG QuadWash Pro 24-inch Smart Dishwasher

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  • Equipped with an interior light
  • Its racks can be lowered and raised to acommodate awkwardly shaped items
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Is extremely quiet
  • Remote start functionality isn't very convenient

I put the LG through its paces for 6 months to see if the dishwasher delivered sparkling clean dishes with minimal noise and energy usage, as it promises. Since I review appliances for a living, I often take manufacturer claims with a grain of salt, but the LG QuadWash Pro exceeded my expectations. Here are the main reasons why:

Sleek Looks Catered to Fit Any Kitchen

Looks aren't the only thing that makes an appliance stand out, but they do matter! The LG QuadWash Pro has a modern design that can easily blend in with any kitchen decor, making it a great addition to any home.

I tested the black stainless steel variant of the appliance, but it's also available in a traditional stainless finish for even more savings. Buyers have a choice of a pocket- or towel-bar handle. Both models have concealed controls that are located at the top of the door.

black stainless steel lg quadwash pro dishwasher
top controls on stainless steel lg quadwash pro dishwasher
Brandon Carte

I opted for the towel bar variant since my sink is right next to my dishwasher. Although I think the pocket-handle model looks sleeker and more modern, the convenience of always having a towel nearby is worth it.

Both models flaunt an elegant stainless steel finish that is smudge- and fingerprint resistant. I haven't experienced any problems with scuffs or scratches whatsoever and found that the exterior easily wipes clean with a dry cloth when it needs touching up.

Consistent Cleaning Performance

My significant other and I both work from home, so we oftentimes run the dishwasher multiple times each day. As long as you don't overload it, it provides thorough cleaning performance nearly every time.

dishwasher loaded with cups and bowls
Brandon Carte

For this review, I wanted to see how far I could stretch the dishwasher's capabilities, so I loaded it up with heavily soiled pots, pans, and dishes to see how it would perform.

I packed the dishwasher to the brim with nine plates, six bowls, multiple sheet pans, an Instant Pot pot, some food storage containers, travel mugs, water bottles, a tea infuser, and plenty of utensils. Despite the heavy load, the LG QuadWash Pro was able to clean everything effectively leaving very little residue. The only debris left behind was a few stray pieces of rice.

The LG QuadWash Pro packs plenty of high-pressure jets, so it'll spray your dishes from multiple angles. It also uses steam and bubbles to break down stubborn food residue.

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Dry Dishes, Not Drippy Ones

Not only does the dishwasher easily handle tough cleaning jobs, it consistently leaves everything sparkling clean and without any residue or spots. You can thank its excellent drying system for that.

dry glasses on top rack of lg dishwasher
Brandon Carte

Most dishwashers use humid air at the end of a cycle to air dry dishes. The LG QuadWash Pro, on the other hand, uses a powerful and efficient blower system that circulates the air at the end of the wash cycle. It's similar to a convection oven and works extremely well to eliminate moisture (even on plastics) to leave your dishes dry and ready to be put away.

What It's Like to Load and Unload the Dishwasher

One could argue that a dishwasher's versatility is just as crucial as its cleaning performance. The QuadWash Pro has everything you'd want in a modern-day dishwasher. It has adjustable racks, fold-down tines, and a third rack for utensils, making it easy to load and unload dishes of all shapes and sizes.

I meal prep homemade dog food for my husky and German shepherd which involves lots of large commercial-grade equipment. It's extremely convenient being able to fit it all in the bulky bowls so that I can wash everything in one single load.

Details matter, and LG has thought of everything. From the dishwasher's interior light to a removable cutlery basket with flip-down lids, you can open in case your larger utensils won't fit in the third rack or anywhere else in the basket, the dishwasher is a breeze to load and unload. I'll admit, I'm not the best at dishwasher Tetris, but the appliance's adjustability makes it easy to fit awkwardly shaped items — and lots of them.

drawer with tons and glass storage containers in lg dishwasher
Brandon Carte

The third rack has tiny tines of its own that you can position up or down to fit items such as pizza cutters, spatulas, and serving ware. And there are spaces in the second rack designed for stemmed glasses. Since the racks can be raised and lowered, you can ensure even tall items such as pitchers and pots fit comfortably without obstructing the rinse arms.

Cycles Galore

The dishwasher's control panel has six main cycles: auto, normal, heavy, delicate, 1-hour, and refresh, but you can download and load six other cycles that are catered to specific use cases such as cleaning pots and pans, casserole dishes, or glassware.

I primarily rely on the automatic cycle with the night dry mode enabled. I love that I'm able to use the delay start function, so my dishes are clean first thing in the morning. The auto cycle uses integrated sensors to determine the soil amount and toughness required to deliver the best clean possible. It also adjusts the cycle length accordingly, but it typically finishes cleaning in less than 2.5 hours.

Although the normal cycle offers a great clean with more energy efficiency, I rarely use it, and not because it's ineffective, either. I opt for the 1-hour cycle, instead because it's truly phenomenal.

The 1-hour cycle is a great option when you need a quick clean that still delivers excellent results. Most dishwashers' speed cycle only works for lightly soiled dishes but I've found that the 1-hour cycle on this washer can even get the dirtiest of dishes sparkling clean.

Lastly, the washer offers a unique Flexible Zone feature you can use to target specific areas of the dishwasher for cleaning. That way you can save energy and time to wash dishes you place on just the lower or top rack.

Smart Features and One Small Complaint

The QuadWash Pro has a companion smartphone app to check cycle status, run time, receive alerts when cycles are finished, and get reminders on when it's time to maintain your machine. The latter comes in handy for preventing the build-up of smelly gunk and debris. For what it's worth I empty and rinse out the filter weekly.

lg dishwasher filter with food debris
Brandon Carte

My biggest beef with the LG QuadWash Pro is its remote start feature. To make use of the functionality you must press and hold a button on the control pad to enable it. After that, you can select cycles from your smartphone and start the machine from anywhere.

I'm sure this extra step was done as an added security measure, but it's incredibly easy to forget to push the remote start button if you're in a hurry. And if you do forget, then you can't start the dishwasher remotely. Because of this extra hoop, I think most users are better off just using the delay start function right from the machine.

The Closing Argument

The LG QuadWash Pro is a stylish dishwasher that boasts impressive cleaning power, advanced washing and drying technology, and customizable features that make it worth the investment. The QuadWash Pro dishwasher is less expensive than LG's Studio dishwasher, but offers better cleaning and drying performance. LG's most budget-friendly model with QuadWash is this model. It's a better option for shoppers on a tighter budget who still want a model with a third rack and a stainless steel tub. But it has much longer wash and dry cycles and doesn't have a steam option which can cut through debris and sanitize your dishes better.

No matter which model you choose, LG is one of the most reliable appliance brands you can buy. It has been vetted by appliance technicians across the country. Plus, received top marks from Yale Appliance and Consumer Reports, in addition to J.D. Power’s annual Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study and the ACSI Household Appliance and Electronics Report which also prove that LG dishwashers are reliable workhorses.

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