A water balloon fight is a summertime favorite for kids, but if we're being honest, they are a serious pain for parents. Not only is your yard littered with bits and pieces of latex balloons that you'll be picking up for weeks, but if you've got younger kids you'll be the one spending an hour tying all these balloons in knots just so the kids can have 42 seconds of fun. That's where refillable water balloons come in.

Tlitlimom Reusable Waterballoons

Reusable Waterballoons

Tlitlimom Reusable Waterballoons

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These reusable water balloons are more environmentally friendly than using hundreds of regular balloons, and these are so simple to use that kids can do it themselves! All they have to do is open the ball, submerge it in water, and then snap it shut. It's a magnetic closure, so there's nothing that little fingers will get caught in.

Once the water battle commences, these soft silicone balls hit their targets and open on impact. Since reloading the ball only takes a second, you can quickly get back in action when you run out of your stash.

These refillable balloons come in sets from four to twenty balls, and they are available from Amazon—meaning you can have them in two days with Prime shipping! But if that doesn't fit your budget, we've found some other water balloon alternatives to help you cool off this summer!

For Younger Kids
Quick Rebound Cotton Water Balls
GMEZZO Quick Rebound Cotton Water Balls
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Fun Shapes
12PCS Reusable Water Balloon
TERRAMUS 12PCS Reusable Water Balloon
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Easy to Grip
18 PCS Refillable Water Bomb
HueLiv 18 PCS Refillable Water Bomb
Great for Pools
Water Splash Balls
HFATMOS Water Splash Balls
Perfect for Parties
100 Reusable Water Balloons
CPSYUB 100 Reusable Water Balloons
Now 15% Off
Aerodynamic Shape
Silicon Rugby Refillable Water Balloons
Vovapis Silicon Rugby Refillable Water Balloons
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