The Moccamaster is hands-down my favorite coffee pot. It makes delicious pour-over quality coffee, brews extremely fast, and has an automatic 90-minute shutoff feature, giving me the peace of mind I need every time I jet out the door in a hurry. The only problem? It almost never goes on sale, making it a pricey purchase for many coffee drinkers.

Technivorm Moccamaster 53923 KBGV Select Coffee Maker

Prime Day Deal
53923 KBGV Select Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster 53923 KBGV Select Coffee Maker

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$239 at Amazon$359 at Walmart$359 at Sur la Table

Thankfully, Amazon is running a major Prime Day sale on the Moccamaster, allowing you to grab one for just $250. With a retail price of $359, this Prime Day Moccamaster deal will save you 33% — allowing you to give your morning routine the upgrade it deserves, all on a budget.

Pour-over coffee is for people with the time and patience to make their coffee one cup at a time with a million steps in between. I have neither time nor patience, plus I'm not the best at making coffee — but what I do have is a need for caffeine. With my Moccamaster and its easy-to-follow ratios for coffee to water, spray-over drip mechanism, and super-fine filter, I manage to make a delightfully drinkable pot of coffee. I was so blown away by it when I first got it that I wrote a Moccamaster review, pledging my love for it and promising it will change how you view drip coffee.

The retail $359 price tag makes many people think twice about ordering it — I get it. But when it's priced at $239.99 for Prime Day, it becomes a splurge that's doable for more people, especially in the name of upgrading your morning ritual on a daily basis.

As for what exactly makes this drip coffee maker so special, the water is superheated and then sprayed over the grounds much in the way a pour-over cup of coffee is made, saturating all of the grounds before it is filtered into the 10-cup pot. Plus, it looks absolutely gorgeous on my countertop. And let me tell you, taking advantage of this Prime Day deal won't just be a gift to yourself — it's also an investment in your future — it's just that good.

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